Central Station Monitoring

Based in Long Island, our state-of-the-art monitoring centers offer round-the-clock emergency response that is only a push button away. Using our sophisticated computerized monitoring systems we can identify your incoming alarm signal, determine the nature of the emergency and dispatch a Police, Fire or Medical response team to you immediately.

As we continue to move forward and strive to provide you with outstanding service and the tools to meet your customer demands now, and into the future. We are pleased to announce our latest upgrade to the central station with even more redundancy then before starting with brand new hardware and the latest software technology available today.

With the latest version of Bold Technology's Manitou software platform you can rest assured the reliability and stability your customers will have while increasing your sales by offering your customers more services, innovative solutions, all while being better informed through superior online reporting.

We are dedicated to help you move forward and move your business into the future by choosing Bold's open architecture, which allows us to keep pace with change and new technology by enabling integration possibilities with new technologies like Video, SMS, GPS, and other demands as the industry grows. Bold's online service, BoldNet, gives you an easy to use Web-based interface that gives you the ability to access your accounts for data management or review from almost anywhere.