Burglar Alarms

Securetel can custom-tailor a Burglar Alarm System for almost every possible application.

Home Alarm Systems

We take the security of your family and home very seriously which is why Securetel is the safe choice when it comes to supplying and installing your home security system.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Securetel can provide you with the best security for your commercial premises, whether it be a small office, factory, large office building or commercial warehouse.

Integrated Alarm Systems

These, security is a great concern. Securetel offers dedicated alarm and access control software solutions to offer superior performance and flexibility. Controlling and monitoring large security sites, traditionally a cumbersome and time-consuming task is made more efficient and flexible.

High Security Alarm Systems

As a leader and innovator, Securetel specializes in high security and is at the forefront in the integration of Security, Access Control and CCTV. Securetel has been a pioneer in developing security monitoring products from Grade 1 High Security Alarms Panels to Type 1 SMP and MPM Security Monitoring Panels as well as PARAGON Central Supervisory System (CSS) and DESLINK SCEC endorsed monitoring products.
GEM-RP1CAe2 Custom Alpha
  • Deluxe 32-character custom alphanumeric
    backlit display
  • Wireless Transmitter Signal Strength Metered and Displayed at the keypad using a scale of 1 to 10 . Unlike competitive units, where borderline "GO" / "NO-GO" problems can result in unnecessary callbacks, actual signal strength is quantified for greater confidence of transmission reliability.
  • Auto-log of any occurrences of insufficient transmitter strength
  • Smart "Filtered" keypad readout for optimal user friendliness and intuitive use -- auto-displays key messages (i.e., open zones) and no-display of unavailable options/functions
  • Menu-driven dual line display for automatic system usage instructions & long zone descriptions
  • Built-in Four Zone Expansion Module
  • Integral custom alphanumeric zone director

Mechanical Temp Alert (TA-1)
The economical TA-1 requires no power for operation. Simply set the separately adjustable high and low set points within -30 to +130 deg F (-34 to 54 deg C) range. If the monitored temperature rises above or falls below the set points, a dry contact closure output is provided.


Waterbug - 12 or 24 VAC or VDC

The model WB-200 operates on 12 or 24 Volt AC/DC and has a form C relay output that can be connected to alarm panels, bells, dialers, etc. Unit can monitor as many as six sensor probes, up to 100 feet away. Each sensor probe has two contacts. When a film of water forms a bridge between these contacts, the unit senses this and triggers the alarm output. The sensor will not alarm due to condensation or high humidity. One standard surface sensor is included with the unit.


Digital TempAlert 4-zone (DTA-4)
The microprocessor-controlled DTA-4 operates on 12 to 14 VDC power, monitoring both a high and a low temperature set point in up to 4 zones. Each zone has separately adjustable high and low set points and a SPDT relay output. Relay actives upon temperature rising above the high limit or falling below the low limit set point. Required probes are available separately for measuring temperatures from -67 to +300 deg F (-55 to +149 deg C).

VISTA-40 Control Panel

The 5150 Shock Sensor is one of the most low profile sensors in the industry. Advanced piezo transducer technology powers the sensor, so no power is needed from the loop. Instead, the piezo generates its own electricity when it bends as the glass breaks. Bending of the transducer must occur for the sensor to go into alarm providing excellent false alarm immunity

Wireless equipment

SSX-51 - Amseco Armored Siren